First Floor Clear

This session started out a little rough, with all the characters suddenly becoming aware of 1d6 other large spiders in the room with them, 1d4 of which dropped directly down on the heros. Although some were so brazen as to question the integrity of long term team survivability, they were able to overcome the sider menace and move on, only quaffing one anti-venom in the process.

Once through the lair, the adventure party retraces their steps and takes a previous stairway branch. The spiral stairs leading up go to a series of small heavily trapped rooms. The party is rewarded with a large crate, which is solidly sealed with a heavy lock. Some ingenuity followed where alvin opens the crate before I thought he would be able to. Inside are five nicely cut gems of promising nature.

Adventurers pitch tent for the night and set watch. . .

The groupe slumbers, but wisely their watch is on his toes, Tenzing is attacked by a giant vine of mysterious nature! It really seams like everything around here is trying to eat our heros. . .

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The Mayors Reward

So you got to Barovia, good job not being killed by bandits on the way in. Now your here though, things dont seam as nice as the travel brochure made it out to be. In fact things are kind of messed up, undead being all over and shit. But these filthy monsters offer no resistance to the cleansing blades of the righteous! Once you have been given a hearing with the mayor, he charges you with the tast of clearing the tower to the north, and thus destroying the source of the plight.


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